Lunar Calendar

Lunar Calendar. 22nd lunar day. The elephant. Day of wisdom. Good day

The 22nd Moon Day

The action: studiea.

The symbols: Ganesha elephant (the son of Shiva) with a broken tusk, scroll and a golden key.

Mystical influence: the day of sorrow, the knowledge of life and experience. You can forecast, meditate, but better spend this day in studies. Thus you can make as much progress as for a year of intense studies. You can also practice historical research and investigation on your ancestry. Prophetic dreams.
This is the period of wisdom, studying secret knowledge and using it. You are recommended to learn your future (no card readings though). A good day for meditation at magic and astrological symbols. It is good to concentrate on pictures and yantras (these are the pictures of sacred sounds on the paper or on the sand). A good day for teaching others, sharing your experience, educate students, express generousity and accumulate knowledge.

Social influence: the day of wisdomPractice giving and generousity. Higher capacity for spiritual and creative renewal. You'll get new opportunities, connected with rethinking your past experience and making good plans for the future. Your partners and colleagues are honest today. They are willing to express their giving capacities and help for nothing. Creative and sexual capacities increase, as well as the feeling of justice, will. Intuition gets stronger. Relationships improve.

You may feel like crying. Travelling is not recommended. Don't start new things. A positive day for aquiring new skills.

Medical influence: Diseases are dangerous and often fatal. Ill people understand, what's happening with them. They are afraid. Pay special attention to hip joints, sacrum, lower back. Don't do fast movements. As long as elephants eat a lot of vegetable food, you are recommended to eat a lot, load your stomach.

People, born today are the keepers of knowledge and wisdom. Their brains are times more productive than of those, born on different days. They are spiritually reach, fair, but have no passions, may be cinicists. They are very concervative. They study with eager and good luck. They easily get the sense of things and have scientific gifts. However, the number of people, born today statistically lower than on other days.
Gems — blue agate, blue sapphire, blue jasper, blue axe-stone, amber.

Meditations: a book, hustle on the street.

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