Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<14th lunar day. The pipe. Good for new undertakings, less liquids. Good day
The 15th Moon Day

The Action: temptation.

The symbol — snake, jackal, a person, who fights evil spirits. Persians called him Zurvan (for zurvans undertook the mission to clean the Earth from all the evil).

Social influence: bad. The day of temptations, deceptions, illusions and sins. You should not argue, neither accept gifts. The first half of the day is unfavorable because you may get some complications in your career and family life. Ambitions and desire to pass over part of your duties to somebody else may cause major problems today. The other half of the day is more positive, because it allows to implement your plans through other means and people. You get more creative contacts, new thoughts and ideas.

A critical day. You may encounter difficulties at any point of time. A bad day for sexual contacts and family.

Mystical influence: you should practice all forms of austerity.

An inner serpent of every person gets activated on that day. Therefore, you should practice all forms of asterity, win over your flesh in order to be pure (otherwise your astral body gets deteriorated). It helps to protect justice. You are recommended to eat snowball tree raisins — in order to improve your memory and defeat your lower nature. You should eat spicy, meatless and hot food. Japanese quisine is recommended: beans, barley. You are not recommended to eat apples (for this food has too much ing energies in it).
A dream you saw on the 15th moon day is a prophetic one (for the current month). A bad sign of the day is having argument with somebody. A good sign is a dog, even a barking dog.

Medical influence: hormonal and regulatory functions get overloaded today. People get histeric and fobic. The threats of traumas. Pay attention to your pancreas (its function gets corrected) and diaphragm.

THe people, born on that day, the day of full moon, have a snaky nature. They have strong health, live long lives, have a lot of talents. But they are unhappy by their own fault. They have a lot of passions, sometimes verging insanity. They are bad at studies. They give way to all astral temptations, because they are born under the inflluence of an astral serpent. Such «gutty» people feel lead by all temptations by flesh. The people of today and the next moon days are not really suggestive, which is not a good feature for a student to have.

It is a critical day for conception. Your child will be preocupied by love and hatred. Your child will fight with evil. He or she will feel the support of the earthly and heavenly powers. From the innocent being he or she will turn out to be a fighter. he or she will become either a very mean person or a Great Teacher, a Soul, capable for compassion.

Meditations: Silence, placidity, emptiness.
Gems — agate, morion, jade.
>>16th lunar day. The dove. Bright and harmonious day