Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<16th lunar day. The dove. Bright and harmonious day
The 17th Moon Day

The Symbol — bunch of grapes, alarm bell, bell.

In Sanscrit this day was called the day of Shakti — female energy. Female dancers, qedeshas were assigned by this symbol.
This is the day of accumulation, vegetation, fertility, ecstasy and the joy of being. The first half of the day is positive and allows to use the energy with the maximum effect. Any businesses and creative processes get more active and improve. Marriages get better. Sexual energies rise. Intuition improves. You get more insights and inspirations. The second half of the day is not favorable and you may have problems with implementation of your ideas and plans. Carnal pleasures consume your time and energy. Thus, you have to be extremely careful in your sexual contacts. Feeling of satiety or unsatisfaction can cause conflicts in relationships and complicate partnership. The most vivid aspect of this day is love, but you should always be careful: because of the uncontrolled energies the day may bring too may unexpectancies.
The day is connected with transformation of female energies, and unsublimated (unworked through) female energy may manifest itself in the form of outrage, coming out in an uncontrolled manner.

A bad day for boring activities, making reports, working too intensely. A good day for travelling, trade, pleasures etc. A positive day for weddings. A lucky day for thieves. Spend this day in contacts, having fun, making speaches, singing songs, doing power asanas and group work, sublimating sexual energy. The results of the day may vary: on the highest level — you may approach ideal love, on the lowest one — get into outrage and boozing. You are recommended to drink dry wine and heated Cahors — this is the symbol of perception of the eternity and ecstasy, movement, joy.

Medical influence: the day of infectious deseases. Women's psyche is overtensed. Danger of traumas. A good day for marriages with ever lasting love.

People, born on the 17th Moon Day, need to find their «the other half». They have a great need to have a spouse or lover — as a source of polarity. Otherwise the person will be misery and weak in his or her life.

A conception of a baby on the day will be joyful and the character of the child will be just the same. A capricious success choses those, who can laugh at themselves. But be careful. Your child may become a boozer and liar.

Meditations: Dance.
Gems — clear amethyst, crow's-eye, hawk's-eye, zircon.
>>18th lunar day. Mirror. Everything you hear about yourself is truth