Lunar Calendar

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<<18th lunar day. Mirror. Everything you hear about yourself is truth
The 19th Moon Day

The Action: Defeat.

The symbols: spider, web.

Social influence: negative.
A hard and quite dangerous period — satanic day. The moon is on the waning stage. That's why a lot of magicians have chosen this day for their magical works. The day is dangerous for a high threat of poisoning, spiritual illusions, split of minds. Getting stuck in some sort of sin, a person can easily get into a devil's trap. You have to be very cautious about new ideas, trends, which you get to know on the 19th day — most likely this is going to be a temptation.

The day is neutral for regular activities, bad for new or complicated things. The first half of the moon day is favorable and allows you to get the patronship of your bosses through your patience and hard work. It also allows to attract wealthy partners to your businesses. The day is good for getting a salary raise or improving your finances this the help of partners. Your sexual potential gets stronger. Your actions get more attraction. You get more charm. However, in the second half of the day too much of an activity or pressure can do you a bad service. Trickery, cunning, negative energies, information infections can cause deseases ro serious problems on the next moon day.

Mystical influence: the day of black magic at work. Temptations, illusions. The day of lonely people, artistic persons. You are supposed to cry, make confessions and pray. This day is connected with astral cleansing, i.e. with purification of one's soul, conscience. You are recommended to think over your deeds, to repent, at least in your thoughts, to get rid of lies, pride, foreign thoughts, of illusions. It is good to sit at a campfire (in old times people jump over a campfire), light a candle and walk with it around your room, appartment, house; it is better, though, to light an oil lamp.

Medical influence: a critical day for mentally deseased people. It is a bad sign to fall ill today. The illness will proceed slowly and last long. A lot of poisonings. Appendix and sigmoid colon are at special danger today.

The day is also connected with creativity: a spider is a person who can counterpose himself to everyone — he or she is a creator, an individualist, a loner, who can show a rise of creativity, but, most likely, will be punished by fate for his or her pride.

People, born today, if they have too much pride or too many sins, will suffer. Loneliness. The only exception is if they live in harmony and purity. Then they will live a long life. A lot of drinkers.
In the worst case this day gives birth to tricksters, cunning and flattering people, who weave their sofisticated webs. They are either loosers or lonely creators, not understood by the society. However, you can diminish or completely get rid of the negativity of the 19th day if you train moral virtues in yourself and be a giving, modest person.

Influence on conception: the baby will have an extraordinary charm and magnetism. Life force, risk, hard work, honesty, justice, although loneliness and restraint.

Meditations: Fire, waterfall, clan water. A human.
Gems — labradorite, morion, blood-stone, chrysolite, uvarovite, green garnet.
>>20th lunar day. The eagle. Day of the victory over yourself, go for it!