Lunar Calendar

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<<22nd lunar day. The elephant. Day of wisdom. Good day
The 23rd Moon Day

The Action: gobbling.

The Symbol — the Maccara crocodile, a bloodthirsty sime-crocodile, semi-fish, semi-bird, semi-serpent, that swallows, grabs and devours everything; another symbol is the hellhound. Chimera and echidna.

A double-natured, contradicting period. Therefore, any agreements and commitments are being checked for strength and stability and require some rethinking. Therefore, it is hard to start new things and projects today. It is better to finalize the things you have initiated before. Ambitions rise in the second half of the day. Someone's patronship may be problematic. In partnerships you may encounter jealousy, envy and problems around unfulfilled desires and unmet expectations. Be very careful in expressing your own thoughts and feelings, in disclosing your plans for you may be misunderstood.

Mystical influence: the day of confessions. A good day for practicing all kinds of self-defence arts, including mystical ones. You should suppress fear. Don't hang about. Making love is not recommended as this may lead to exhaustion.
A very hard period — one of the days of temptation. Connected with violence, breaking old things, essential reforms. This day provokes in people the instincts of seizure, wild hunger, psychoses, fights and adventures. The sexual energy of this day undermines one's health. The day of vampires' and bloodsuckers' orgies.

Social influence: very unfavorable, especially for crowds and business talks. A bad day for court hearings, especially when they try to judge an innocent person. .

A neutral day for house works. A good day for home protection works, outfitting and cleaning. A newtral day for travelling . A bad day for getting married.
This day is the symbol of self-sacrifice, penance, understanding and forgiveness. It is dangerous to get angry, eat too much. Don't cut your nails. A bad day for surgeries. Don't sit too much.
This is the period of fasting and temperance, carefulness and tidiness, aquiring strength and healing capacities. This is the day of home protection, when it is good to clean the house, asperse it with the holly water, clean the benches with firing candles, smoking premises with wild rosemary and caraway.
This day is also connected with bullying, chasing and exile. Beware encountering angry crowd. Don't react to provocations or temptations of revenge.
On the crocodile day exclude meet. Dairy products are recommended — drink more milk, eat curd, bake cheese pastries, in which add nuts.

Medical inflluence: a hard day, deseases are long-standing. Immune system weakens. Sex problems get more accute. Take special care about your spine: do special treatments and exercises.

People, born on that day are known for their tenacity, stranglehold. They bring all the things to their absolute form. They move on like bulldozer, showing maturity and completion in everything. If they are aimed at light deeds, they can make perfect protectors and heavenly executioners, justice administrators.
The people of the 23rd day aften become monks, but not necessarily.

Influence on conception: it is hard to grasp, where avarice and self-love borders with genious and kindness. Children, conceived today, may inherit genetic mutations — they may be mentally disabled or extraordinary personalities. The person will be perceived differently from what he or she really is. But they may become famous.

Gems — smoky quartz, black axe-stone, sardius.
Meditations: forts, training fights.
>>24th lunar day. The bear. The Foundation of new businesses, activness