Lunar Calendar

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<<28th lunar day. The Lotus. Day of insights and transformation. Good day
The 29th Moon Day

The Action: Panic The Symbol: Octopus

One of the most dangerous and scary devil's days. The day, when astral fog is concentrated over people and any dreams, any prophecies will be falseful. The day of devils' orgies. One of Hecate's days — the dark days when the Moon cannot be seen in the sky. The rsponsibility is much needed today, as well as reliable protection against satanism. You need to practice fasting and abstenance, humility, confession and healing. You shouldn't start any new things, not even think about ones. Only stick to the most needed everyday household activities. Focus on your housekeeping.

Mystical influence: the day of failures and catastrophes. Don't engage in any activities.
You should cut fake connections, send away annoying people and annoying thoughts, clean your body. Before you go to bed, cleanse yourself with water, keep your feel in very cold water. You are recommended to light lamps and candles, smudge premises with wild rosemary. Avoid muddy waters, darkness and dark premises.

Social influence: very negative.

Medical influence: very negative. Don't wear anything made of bone and horn.
Your diet for today should be mostly baked food — pies, pancakes, etc. It is important to bake them at home.
A bad sign is to hear screams, sound of horn. Long music sounds are a warning, that there is something in your life that you're doing wrong.

People, born today, mostly do not survive. They are unhappy. They spend their lives in a permanent struggle and searching for something. Their lives are hard. They are scape-goats of the whole family of Sun Signs. They often get crazy. They live long, but don't have good luck.

Influence on conception: the children, conceived on that day, will encounter Satan. They may become murderers, sadists or doomed to sufferings. They may also become good monks and nuns, evil fighters, but they've got to take a long path before it happens.
If the 29th day is the last one in the current moon month, you can draw the conclusions for the month on that day.

Gems — black pearl, mother of pearl, pitch-stone, cacholong, labrador, coloured jasper.

Meditations: no.