Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

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The Third Moon Day

From that day the sickle moon is emerging in the sky and the days Hecate are over.

The Symbol — panther or leopard, preparing to jump.

The Action — battle.

All passive people on the Third Moon Day are vulnerable, because they undergo various astral attacks. A person, if he or she is not a fighter, turns his or her energy into getting sour, becomes suspicious and insidious. You should focus and use your astral energy for self-defence. This is the best day for practicing martial arts — thai-chi, karate and others. This day is best for working with metals, sharpening knives. They casted silverware on this day in older times.

The first half of the day is not really positive and can cause a nomber of problems. People get more ambitious, agressive, thus, creating conflicts between spouses, among partners, parents and kids. If you show anger and other negative emotions, they may influence your mood long time after.

The second half of the day is more positive. Your productivity increases, scientific and practical activities are very fruitful and positive contacts are likely. You should pay attention to any offers coming to you on that day because they can give positive result.

Social influence: bad day for weak and passive people. Aggression increases. The day of fight. Do not get married on that day.

Everyday influence: a routine is proceeding in an ordinary way. Bath or sauna is recommended. A bad sign of the Third Moon Day is to spill some oil, which means that you got off your way in life). It is good to work with all energies of your biofield.

Mystical influence: the day of practicing martial arts, sharpening and making weapons, strating a war. It is good to do other works with metals. You can see some predictive signs on that day.

Medical influence: traumas and emergent acute conditions. It is dangerous to fall ill. If you've got pain in the area of nape and ears — you need to clean your bones (1 packet of bay leaves is boiled in 1 liter of water until you get 200 grams of water left, which is taken as a drink afterwards). Those areas require greater attention on the third moon day.

People, born today, are active, often become militaries, with strategic minds. Often they've got magical or sports potential.

Influence on conception: good day for conceiving a warrior or hooligan. The person will always be preoccupied with passion and activeness.

Gems — jaspilite, ruby, brasil, aventurine.
Meditations: weapons.
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